EW YORK - - Cleveland administrator Terry Francona says you can normally check his tension by estimating the heap of biting gum and tobacco rolls littered before him

Those readings would have been out of this world as the Watchmen and Yankees combat into additional innings during Friday's Down 2 of the American Association Division Series

However as shadows infringed upon the battleground and evening seeped into the afternoon, Francona continued thinking, "We will track down a way."

Cleveland did, lifting a couple of opportune tenth inning hits to finish a hard-battled, 4-2 success, sending a tied series back to Moderate Field for Saturday's Down 3.

"We're eager to return collectively," said Gatekeepers first baseman Josh Naylor. "Get on the plane ride and partake in the occasion, partake in the success [Friday] and get secured back in [Saturday]."

The Yankees have won six of eight gatherings with the Gatekeepers this season, including dividing the initial two rounds of the ALDS

As they dressed for their trip to Cleveland, a Sway Marley-weighty playlist spilled from the speakers of Yankee Arena's home clubhouse; regardless of the misfortune, Aaron Judge repeated the reggae legend's inflection not to stress over a thing.

"This is what's going on with it," Judge said. "I like this group. I like the folks here. You can't overthink it

Take it each game in turn, and assuming you keep on doing that, we'll be where we need to be toward the end."